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I love aging because it gives you insight that can only be gained through experience. It’s what allows me to have a deep appreciation for the last ten years spent with Optionetics. To know that even on the periphery I was a part of the collective effort to champion the self-directed trader is an amazing thing. It speaks to the company that is Optionetics, but much more so about the truly outstanding people who are and were a part of it … its leaders, staff, instructors, writers, editors, and of course, customers.

Since this isn’t one of my usual five part series that spans a couple of months, I can’t bring myself to name names for fear of leaving one of the many great colleagues out. I also don’t know if I can adequately express how seemingly small interactions or experiences made up such a great decade.

I have had the good fortune of finding my niche at a place where I very much wanted to be. Along the way I have gotten an... [Read More]

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